Silicone surfaces.
Decorative and functional.

Whether a control panel, central console, or medical device: We use various processes, such as spraying, tampon printing, silk screening, and acid-treating to decorate the surfaces of your sophisticated products.

Surface Coated Silicone

Product characteristics


  • Coated silicone surfaces as a decorative visible part with a pleasant-to-touch surface or as a protective cover against outside influences
  • Specially decorative and protective paint developed in-house with elastic properties that are particularly suited for application on silicone
  • Major selection of coatings in various colors for icon labels, day-night designs, or matting and high-gloss effects
  • Many different coating processes such as spraying, pad printing, or screen printing are available depending on requirements and budget


  • Combination of decorated surfaces with the unique, elastic, and resistant characteristics of silicone
  • Protective paint that is strongly resistant against the effects of wear, climate, chemicals, etc. to meet the most rigorous automotive test requirements.
  • Can be enhanced with special visible and tangible texturing such as leather
  • Can also be combined with other products from the haptics and acoustics, backlighting, electrical contacts, and assemblies families

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