Traditions and innovations.

Our company profile is diverse and thus entirely unique. We are humble and yet open to new things. We are dynamic, creative, and multicultural, with a worldwide presence and yet a personal approach. We are simply Sateco.

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Who we are

Sateco is one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision-molded parts, sensors, and actuators made of silicon. We maintain subsidiaries on many continents, and our production facilities are located in China and in Switzerland. Altogether, we are a team of roughly 800 specialists from more than 10 countries. Learn more

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 Our values

Our heart and soul

Our history

A success story

About 20 years ago, Sateco made a name for itself as a pioneer with the introduction of silicone keypads in the automotive market and has been consistently evolving since then. Nowadays, we work on the solutions of the future. Learn more


 Switzerland and China



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