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Our history.
A success story that we are proud of.

25 years ago, Sateco made a name for itself as a pioneer with the introduction of silicone keypads in the automotive market and has been consistently evolving since then. Nowadays, we work on the groundbreaking silicone solutions of the future.

Rendering of production plant Sateco Philippines from a bird's eye view


Expansion in the Philippines and expansion to Korea

  • Establishment of the Sateco sales presence in Korea
  • Launch of the Japanese website
  • Revision of the Sateco corporate values
  • Construction of the production plant Sateco Philippines
Control button Enhanced Silicone Surface S-ES with


Strategic Development

  • Market launch of the Enhanced Silicone Surface S-ES
  • Renaming of Sateco Holding AG to Sateco International AG
  • Foundation of Sateco Philippines Inc.
  • International realignment of Sateco Management
man presents and points to the flipchart with red pen while four employees actively participate in the course



  • Introduction of the Sateco Digital Academy
  • Market launch of the capacitive silicone force sensor SXTSC1
  • Market launch of the Nickel Metal Dome C-MD-NS


round variant



  • Market launch of the Rocker Metal Dome Keypad HA-MD-R
  • Moved Sateco AG to Schwerzenbach, Switzerland
  • Relaunched Sateco Corporate Design
  • Co-founder Hanspeter Sauder steps down from the administrative board
Change of baton with racetrack in the background


Generational change

  • Relocation and massive expansion of the Sateco Engineering Center in Guangzhou
  • Market launch of the Translucent Backlight Window STC-TR
  • Market launch of the Enhanced Metal Dome Keypad STC-MD-TR
  • Sateco XT AG was founded with headquarters in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland
  • Collaborated with CTsystems AG to industrialize the SXTA1 silicone actuator
  • Co-founder Hanspeter Sauder retires from business operations
black round silicone sensor SXTSC1



  • Moved Sateco USA LLC to Novi, Michigan and changed name to Sateco USA Inc.
  • Market launch of Low-noise Metal Dome Keypad STC-MD-LN
  • Developed the SXTSC1 capacitive silicone force sensor
  • Developed a coating line for silicone surfaces
production factory in Beihai


Consolidation of market position

  • Founded Sateco K.K. in Tokyo, Japan
  • Fully took over the sales business in Hong Kong and the production factory in Beihai
  • Changed name to Sateco Hongkong and Sateco Beihai
  • Moved Sateco Holding AG to Baar, Switzerland
lab line Sateco Engineering Ltd. in Guangzhou, China


Expansion in China and expansion to Eastern Europe

  • Founded Sateco Engineering Ltd. in Guangzhou, China
  • Opened the Sateco Sales Office in the Czech Republic
chinese flag with


Expansion into China

  • Founded Sateco Suzhou Ltd., China
  • Took a majority stake in our Japanese collaboration partner in Hong Kong and the production factory in Beihai
  • Market launches of the Short-stroke Keypad STC-SSC and the Nickel Mesh Contact Pill STC-GRPN
  • Co-founder Alex Häusler passed away
blue/white/red French flag


Expansion to southern Europe

  • Opened the Sateco Sales Office for Southern Europe in France
Swiss flag with white cross on red background


Strategic decisions

  • Founded Sateco Holding AG with headquarters in Risch-Rotkreuz, Switzerland
  • Took a stake in our Japanese collaboration partner
anthracite round Metal Dome Keypad STC-MD


Groundbreaking technology

  • Opened the Sateco Sales Office DACH
  • Developed Metal Dome Keypad STC-MD, not just for mechanical switches but also for touchpanels
national flag of Hong Kong with white flower on red background


Taking root in Asia

  • Founded Sateco Asia Ltd. as a hub in Hong Kong
light grey oval double detent keypad STC-SINA



  • Market launch of the Double-stroke Keypad STC-SINA for, e.g. window regulators and steering wheels
  • Market launch of the Contact Pill STC-GPR for very low contact resistances
  • Market launch of keyboards with through-hole plating
Looking over the shoulder of a lab technician at a test device


Initial successes

  • Expanded the Nänikon test laboratory into a research and development center
  • Supplied keypads in all the switches of the Mercedes E-Class
  • Founded Sateco USA LLC in Minnesota
  • Market launch of the Low-resistance Contact Pill STC-LR
  • Developed a keypad with integrated ESD shielding
view over the shoulder of a lab technician on a lab instument



  • Established a quality-assurance test laboratory with its own machines designed in-house in Nänikon, Switzerland
  • Focused on the automotive market
  • Gradually expanded to other automotive markets in Europe and the U.S.
Black and white photograph of the former company headquarters in Uster, Switzerland


Company founding

  • Sateco AG, headquartered in Nänikon, founded by Hanspeter Sauder and Alex Häusler
  • Collaborated with a Japanese production partner
  • Pioneer in introducing the first silicone keypads in the European automotive market

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