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Our history.
A success story that we are proud of.

About 20 years ago, Sateco made a name for itself as a pioneer with the introduction of silicone keypads in the automotive market and has been consistently evolving since then. Nowadays, we work on the groundbreaking silicone solutions of the future.




  • Market launch of the Rocker Metal Dome Keypad HA-MD-R
  • Moved Sateco Headquarters to Schwerzenbach, Switzerland
  • Relaunched Sateco Corporate Design
  • Co-founder Hanspeter Sauder steps down from the administrative board


Generational change

  • Relocation and massive expansion of the Sateco Engineering Center in Guangzhou
  • Market launch of the Translucent Backlight Window STC-TR
  • Market launch of the Enhanced Metal Dome Keypad STC-MD-TR
  • Sateco XT AG was founded with headquarters in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland
  • Collaborated with CTsystems AG to industrialize the SXTA1 silicone actuator
  • Co-founder Hanspeter Sauder retires from business operations



  • Moved Sateco USA LLC to Novi, Michigan and changed name to Sateco USA Inc.
  • Market launch of Low-noise Metal Dome Keypad STC-MD-LN
  • Developed the SXTSC1 capacitive silicone force sensor
  • Developed a coating line for silicone surfaces


Consolidation of market position

  • Founded Sateco K.K. in Tokyo, Japan
  • Fully took over the sales business in Hong Kong and the production factory in Beihai
  • Changed name to Sateco Hongkong and Sateco Beihai
  • Moved Sateco Holding AG to Baar, Switzerland


Expansion in China and expansion to Eastern Europe

  • Founded Sateco Engineering Ltd. in Guangzhou, China
  • Opened the Sateco Sales Office in the Czech Republic


Expansion into China

  • Founded Sateco Suzhou Ltd., China
  • Took a majority stake in our Japanese collaboration partner in Hong Kong and the production factory in Beihai
  • Market launches of the Short-stroke Keypad STC-SSC and the Nickel Mesh Contact Pill STC-GRPN
  • Co-founder Alex Häusler passed away


Expansion to southern Europe

  • Opened the Sateco Sales Office for Southern Europe in France


Strategic decisions

  • Founded Sateco Holding AG with headquarters in Risch-Rotkreuz, Switzerland
  • Took a stake in our Japanese collaboration partner
anthracite round


Groundbreaking technology

  • Opened the Sateco Sales Office DACH
  • Developed Metal Dome Keypad STC-MD, not just for mechanical switches but also for touchpanels


Taking root in Asia

  • Founded Sateco Asia Ltd. as a hub in Hong Kong
light grey oval double detent keypad STC-SINA



  • Market launch of the Double-stroke Keypad SCT-SINA for, e.g. window regulators and steering wheels
  • Market launch of the Contact Pill STC-GPR for very low contact resistances
  • Market launch of keyboards with through-hole plating


Initial successes

  • Expanded the Nänikon test laboratory into a research and development center
  • Supplied keypads in all the switches of the Mercedes E-Class
  • Founded Sateco USA LLC in Minnesota
  • Market launch of the Low-resistance Contact Pill STC-LR
  • Developed a keypad with integrated ESD shielding



  • Established a quality-assurance test laboratory with its own machines designed in-house in Nänikon, Switzerland
  • Focused on the automotive market
  • Gradually expanded to other automotive markets in Europe and the U.S.


Company founding

  • Sateco AG, headquartered in Nänikon, founded by Hanspeter Sauder and Alex Häusler
  • Collaborated with a Japanese production partner
  • Pioneer in introducing the first silicone keypads in the European automotive market

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