Silicone keypads, assemblies and surfaces.

silicone assembly
close-up of a door handle of a car

Door handles


black silicone keypad for haptics & acoustics
Haptics & acoustics
Center console with gear shift in car

Gear shift


black charging station switch STC-AS
Assemblies, backlighting
close-up of an e-charger in the opening provided on the car



to the U bent black silicone keypad with gold metal domes represents the Sateco product category switch pad systems
Haptics and acoustics
Photo of HVAC bar in a modern car

Heater, fan, and air conditioner controls


black high gloss painted car key
close-up of a shiny black car key on perforated light gray leather seat



blue double stroke silicone keypad with metal connectors
Haptics and acoustics
close-up of a black overhead console

Overhead console


light grey oval double detent keypad STC-SINA
Haptics & acoustics
black leather steering wheel with silver shiny switches

Steering wheel controls


round blue
Haptics & acoustics
close-up of a start-stop button in a passenger car

Start and stop


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