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Our values.
Our heart and soul.

Sateco is a constantly evolving company with a pioneering spirit and high claim to innovation. We remain true to our core values even in time of change and live them worldwide at our everyday's work. Inwards and outwards.

Committed and reliable.

We take responsibility and stand by our statements and agreements to customers, business partners and colleagues.


Ambitious and productive.

Our aim is to deliver the right solution in the best quality to our customers, business partners and colleagues.

Proactive and constructive.

We observe change in our environment. We challenge established perspectives and follow a forward-looking approach.


Passionate & in partnership.

We do everything we can to meet the needs of customers, colleagues and business partners. We are committed to them all and share a passion for mutual success.


Consistent and solid.

The long-term stability of the company is the highest priority in our decisions. This applies to both the financial and the personnel situation. Thus, we place stable financial performance above growth.

Loyal and clear.

We have a transparent, diverse and open corporate culture. This includes mutual learning, approachability and honest communication. We practice these principles within our team and extend them outwardly as well.

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