Firmly attached to silicone.

Our rigid assemblies deliver the best sealing characteristics and make it easy to install your products.

Silicone assemblies

Product characteristics


  • Multi-component assembly made of silicone and one or several other materials such as plastic or metal
  • Monolithic, complete silicone assembly without any mounting points
  • The overmolding (2K/3K process) or joining processes are available depending on the application and component geometry





  • Combination of unique elastic and resistant characteristics of silicone with the characteristic properties of an additional material
  • Large selection of materials to be combined with silicone
  • No need for complex installation systems such as clipping or screwing
  • Reduced assembly costs
  • Can be combined with other products from the haptics and acoustics, backlighting, electrical contacts, and surfaces families


Photo of cube shaped black silicone assembly

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