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New Sateco design guide: Completely revised and actualized

Based on our many years of expertise and in-depth know-how, it provides our customers with assistance in the design of keypads and answers the most important questions on the subject of assembly conditions. It is not only presented in our fresh, modern corporate design, but is also clearly structured in terms of content.
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Starter-kit SXTSC1 containing 4 sensors, special evaluation electronics, and a graphical user interface.  | © Starter-kit SXTSC1 containing 4 sensors, special evaluation electronics, and a graphical user interface.


Starter-kit silicone force sensor SXTSC1: A simple way to get started with new technology

Sateco XT is introducing groundbreaking technology into the market with the SXTSC1 silicone force sensor. To make it easy to get started, there is a complete starter-kit that can be used to immediately experience the sensor’s functionality and benefits. It consists of four sensors, special evaluation electronics, and a graphical user interface.
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child drawing on Sateco paper


Colorful children's drawings on Sateco paper: A delightful token of appreciation

Pens, crayons, paper, and handicraft materials are in very high demand and often in short supply in playgroups, daycare centers, and similar institutions. This also crossed our minds here at Sateco when thinking about how to best use our leftover stationery after the rebranding. Sateco allowed local childcare institutions to pick up the paper free of charge, and as a show of gratitude, it received gorgeous children's drawings. Now they adorn our company's creativity area.
Nickel-Mesh Pill STC-GPRN


Nickel-Mesh Pill STC-GPRN: Competitive contact solution for high currents and low resistance

The Nickel-Mesh-Pill STC-GPRN, which has long been firmly established in the automotive market, continues to prove its worth. It convinces through intelligent design and. excellent electrical contact properties. In demanding automotive tests such as climatic service life, high current, aging, deformation and force effect, it achieves outstanding results.
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Rocker Metal Dome Keypad HA-MD-R


Rocker Metal Dome Keypad HA-MD-R: direct rocker actuation with excellent haptics

In order to achieve good haptics, rocker switches previously had to be decoupled with straight vertical actuators. This is no longer necessary with the HA-MD-R. It allows direct actuation with a rotation angle of up to 5°. At the same time, the keypad with diagonal actuation achieves a similarly excellent haptic as with a vertical one. Thanks to Rocker Metal Dome Keypad HA-MD-R, there is no need for complex decoupling systems, the installation space of switches is reduced and functional reliability is increased.
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Cost-effective alternative: The Nickel Metal Dome C-MD-NS

With the Nickel Metal Dome C-MD-NS, Sateco is expanding our offering of electrical contacts at ≤1 Ohm. The Nickel Metal Dome features excellent tactile properties and resistance values. Thanks to lower material costs and comparable mechanical and electrical properties, it is a cost-effective alternative to the Gold Metal Dome. Currently, the C-MD-NS is available square in the size 7.2 x 7.2 mm with further variants planned.
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Top-rated again: Sateco once again receives the D&B Rating Certificate

In November 2020, Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide has once again awarded Sateco AG with “Risk Indicator 1” for risk and credit rating. A risk indicator of 1 is the best possible result of the audit. It denotes a minimum counterparty risk and a very low probability of default. Bisnode D&B's Rating Certificate is the badge of quality for business, representing stability and reliability. Only two percent of Swiss companies meet the requirements for being rated in the best risk class. We have received this award due to the Sateco Group's excellent financial stability. It certifies that we are a trustworthy and attractive business partner with excellent payment practices, the best credit score, and outstanding liquidity. To downloads
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