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Silicone keypads for haptics & acoustics.
Hear, feel, touch.

Defined sound or noiseless? Soft to operate or firm and solid? With or without tactile feedback? We develop a customized solution for you! Hear and feel the difference!

Rocker metal dome keypad

Product characteristics


  • Allows for a rocker actuation of a metal dome keypad up to 5° without any tactile loss
  • Low noise version available
  • Combines both a special design and an in-house developed silicone blend
  • Possible to achieve up to 45 % snap
  • Can reach up to 200k life-cycles
  • Pre-load available to prevent rattling noises



  • Excellent tactile feedback increases switch reliability and improves functional safety
  • Removing de-coupler can reduce costs for actuators, injection tool, assembly costs and engineering time
  • Required assembly space can be minimized to allow for thinner and more low profile switches
  • The tolerance stack-up can be reduced, which results in safer functionality and increased harmony between switches
  • The dome can be actuated in the assembly from any horizontal direction angle with no loss of tactile


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