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Silicone keypads for haptics & acoustics.
Hear, feel, touch.

Defined sound or noiseless? Soft to operate or firm and solid? With or without tactile feedback? We develop a customized solution for you! Hear and feel the difference!

Low-noise Metal Dome Keypad

Product characteristics


  • Square metal domes available in different sizes and with different contact resistances
  • Short strokes starting at 0.55 mm up to long strokes of 2.3 mm available
  • Adjustable forces from 2.8 N to 8.5 N
  • Good haptics at 35 % snap
  • Double-detent application possible


  • Clear sense of touch despite noise reduction
  • Adjustable sounds that are suitable to the type of switch
  • Manufactured on fully automated assembly lines to ensure high quality and reliability
  • Perfect value for the price
  • Customizable force and stroke enable a wide range of applications



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