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Silicone keypads for haptics & acoustics.
Hear, feel, touch.

Defined sound or noiseless? Soft to operate or firm and solid? With or without tactile feedback? We develop a customized solution for you! Hear and feel the difference!

Enhanced metal dome keypad

Product characteristics


  • Outstanding haptics at 45 % snap incl. noise reduction
  • Ultra-short strokes starting at 0.4 mm with ultra-tight tolerances of ± 0.1 mm
  • Outstanding haptics at 45 % snap
  • Metal domes available in many different sizes and with various contact resistances
  • Custom forces ranking from 2.8 N to 8.5 N
  • Fantastic illumination with an average light transmission of ~94 % while simultaneously protecting against water ingress
  • Preloading available to prevent vibration noises



  • The perfect solution for low-noise applications with strongly pronounced haptics and a very short stroke
  • Outstanding stability and homogeneous haptics of the entire key thanks to tight stroke tolerances
  • Higher snap does not impose any limits when implementing complex, low-noise switches
  • Excellent backlighting options thanks to its integrated Translucent Backlight Window
  • High quality and reliability thanks to manufacturing on fully automated assembly lines

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