Silicone surfaces.
Decorative and functional.

Whether a control panel, central console, or medical device: We use various processes, such as spraying, tampon printing, silk screening, and acid-treating to decorate the surfaces of your sophisticated products.

Enhanced Silicone Surface

Product Characteristics


  • Multifunctional design with haptics, acoustics and backlighting now possible in one component
  • Different variants in matt, glossy, with flat, recessed or raised symbols available 
  • Backlit symbols can be colored white throughout or fully transparent
  • Weather resistant according to ISO 4892-2 (2013-03)
  • Process is varnish and solvent free


  • Complete system from a single source reduces coordination effort and thus development and assembly costs
  • Seamless integration into the switch increases tightness and switch reliability
  • Elimination of carrier material reduces color deviations and increases color quality 
  • Excellent material properties enable use in demanding environments 
  • Environmentally friendly production contributes to sustainability and balanced eco-balance

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