Silicone keypads for backlighting.
Make controls shine.

Our solutions only illuminate where you need them to. They are available as a chimney, window, and with many different lens shapes to disperse the light. There is also optional water protection and all are ideal for backlighting switch icons.

translucent Backlight window


Ghost Backlight Window


translucent Backlight window

Product characteristics


  • Outstanding luminous efficiency of ~94 % transmits light and simultaneously protects against water ingress
  • Full light insulation, i.e. no undesired light scattering at all
  • Many different lens shapes available for scattering or bundling light



  • Cost and energy savings thanks to outstanding light transmission
  • No need to compromise between strong illumination and preventing undesired light scattering
  • No need to calibrate individual windows thanks to the inhomogeneous backlighting of the entire switch
  • Significantly greater light transmission enables more complex lighting concepts, such as interlaced optical fibers
  • New design options for visible parts are possible thanks to custom keypad colors

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