Our silicone actuators.
They appeal to your senses.

Man-machine interactions require active elements for tactile response, gripping, and positioning. Design freedom, weight, and seamless, spontaneous form adaptation play a key role in the process.

Silicone actuator

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Product characteristics


This artificial muscle made of silicone operates according to the electrostatic operating principle. It can silently create high forces and deformations. The SXTA1 uses haptic feedback and form changes to bring surfaces to life.

  • Response time: 2-5 ms
  • Force: 1…10 N
  • Stroke: up to 1.0 mm
  • Frequency: 0…2 kHz
  • Durability: > 1 million cycles

Applications: Active haptics, morphing controls, force feedback, exoskeletons, precision grip

Can be customized for specific projects.



  • New design options thanks to freely selectable base surface and adaptable material
  • High energy efficiency based on the electrostatic operating principle
  • Simplified design and reduced manufacturing costs thanks to large deflection
  • Versatility and multifunctionality
  • High durability guaranteed due to robustness, shock, and impact resistance
Silicone actuator SXTA1

Use case

Morphing surfaces

The SXTA1 silicone actuator can create more than just a haptic pulse. To add to its impressive features, it can also silently make control panels appear when they are needed. As such, interaction between man and machine can be personalized and adapted to the context. This works both under hard and soft surfaces.

Use case

Fine positioning

Thanks to its continuous deflection, the SXTA1 can be used for seamless positioning, whether for robot grippers, linear actuators, optical autofocus, or mirror adjustment. The artificial muscle can create the force necessary to move masses and create travel distances of several tenths of a millimeter in a compact installation space, all without a gear unit. Its low weight allows it to be used in mobile devices.

an engineer teaches a robot arm


Start right away

See for yourself what the SXTA1 can do. Quickly and easily build the prototype for your application. In addition to an actuator, the starter- kit contains an electronic controller and simple software that make it easy for you to get started with the new technology.

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