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Rocker Metal Dome Keypad HA-MD-R: direct rocker actuation with excellent haptics

In order to achieve good haptics, rocker switches previously had to be decoupled with straight vertical actuators. This is no longer necessary with the HA-MD-R. It allows direct actuation with a rotation angle of up to 5°. At the same time, the keypad with diagonal actuation achieves a similarly excellent haptic as with a vertical one. Thanks to Rocker Metal Dome Keypad HA-MD-R, there is no need for complex decoupling systems, the installation space of switches is reduced and functional reliability is increased. To product page



Cost-effective alternative: The Nickel Metal Dome C-MD-NS

With the Nickel Metal Dome C-MD-NS, Sateco is expanding our offering of electrical contacts at ≤1 Ohm. The Nickel Metal Dome features excellent tactile properties and resistance values. Thanks to lower material costs and comparable mechanical and electrical properties, it is a cost-effective alternative to the Gold Metal Dome. Currently, the C-MD-NS is available square in the size 7.2 x 7.2 mm with further variants planned. To product overview



New Sateco website: Functional with a modern design

With the generation change in management, Sateco gets a new appearance for its customer communication. The company is also revamping its website and communications with customers. Featuring a fresh corporate design, the website has been live since the end of November. Simplicity, clear structures, and user-friendliness were important factors in designing the layout, making it easy to find the desired information. Thanks to its responsive design, the website can be viewed perfectly both on desktops and on tablets and smartphones. It represents a significant step in Sateco's digital strategy.



Top-rated again: Sateco once again receives the D&B Rating Certificate

In November 2020, Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide has once again awarded Sateco AG with “Risk Indicator 1” for risk and credit rating. A risk indicator of 1 is the best possible result of the audit. It denotes a minimum counterparty risk and a very low probability of default.

Bisnode D&B's Rating Certificate is the badge of quality for business, representing stability and reliability. Only two percent of Swiss companies meet the requirements for being rated in the best risk class. We have received this award due to the Sateco Group's excellent financial stability. It certifies that we are a trustworthy and attractive business partner with excellent payment practices, the best credit score, and outstanding liquidity. To downloads



Currently in high demand: The enhanced metal dome keypad STC-MD-TR

Ever since it was introduced on the market in the spring of this year, the Enhanced Metal Dome Keypad STC-MD-TR has enjoyed extreme popularity. Renowned automobile manufacturers are already using it for their gearshift and audio control panels. The STC-MD-TR is made of a specially developed silicone mixture with improved performance and well-conceived geometries. Its low-noise sound and excellent haptics are particularly impressive. Furthermore, the option of ultra-short strokes, which are currently very trendy in high-class automotive markets, make it stand out. To product page



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